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The petition as sent to the legislators states:

“We are asking for legislators to lead WSDOT to make these changes to the I-405 Express Toll Lanes:
1. Eliminate all tolling and restore I-405 ETL to standard 2+ carpool lanes.
2. Eliminate the double lines and allow drivers the freedom to enter/exit those lanes as they see the need.
3. Allow all drivers to use the carpool lanes for free during late night hours as it was before.

These changes will result in:
1. Increased participation in carpools
2. Better utilization of all 5 lanes of traffic while still meeting performance goals for the Federal funding
3. Improved overall drive times for everyone at all times, regardless the distance they are traveling, their ability to be a carpool or their ability to pay the toll
4. Increased safety
5. Increased public satisfaction
6. Lower operating costs of the highway
7. Reduced taxation”

 Click here to read the background information supporting the petition and read the blog pages to see ongoing updates of information.
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