Join us in the Bothell 4th of July Parade to celebrate our successes!


Following in the footsteps of this country’s original activists of 1776, please join us as we walk in the Bothell 4th of July parade to celebrate the successes we have had thus far and to expand awareness in the community of the continued fight to reclaim our freeways and relieve congestion. Speak up and let your voice be heard!

See here for parade details:
Bring a flag, a sign or just your enthusiasm and arrive by 10:45am at the walkers area which is on 104th Ave just north of Main St. See the link for a map. Kids welcome too. Please tell us you’re coming and remember to share this event and invite your friends!

If you are on Facebook, you can mark on this event if will be attending
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Here are a few of the successes we have had:

– Got the tolls eliminated evenings after 7pm and all weekend long and some holidays (including the 4th of July)
– Got WSDOT to add hard shoulder running north of SR527
– Got entry / exit points expanded to improve safety
– Pointed out Toll rate errors in overhead signs. WSDOT corrected the price algorithms.
– Pointed out the mobile app for drivers to check toll prices while driving was a bad idea. WSDOT removed it from the app store.
– Pointed out one of WSDOT’s 7 Youtube videos on how to use the tolls was wrong. They took it down.
– Led to the firing of Secretary of WSDOT Lynn Peterson
– Collected over 32,000 signatures online and 3,000 more on paper in less than 3 months demanding they eliminate the tolls. This is the most successful regional petition ever hosted by that petition website.

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3 comments on “Join us in the Bothell 4th of July Parade to celebrate our successes!
  1. Sujay Mordia says:

    Great job you guys are doing. 


  2. Rob Prince says:

    So when is the group going to obtain Federal help ….sue the state for not stopping toll collection?


    • Don’t expect any help from the government. But this is ripe for a class action suit. The challenge is finding someone who is willing to take it on. We have not done any fundraising or found donors who might back such an endeavor. If you know someone, please share with me in a direct email.


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