Public opinion on Toll lanes? Survey Says…

Let’s see what WSDOT heard from drivers.  Keep in mind, this is just a sample from people who actually use them, NOT all users of the corridor including the majority who only use the general purpose lanes (GPL).  Those drivers overwhelmingly dislike the tolls…

A year after this video was produced and public opinion hasn’t improved.  It still boggles my mind that the toll lanes are so complex for a highway project that WSDOT produced a whole playlist of youtube videos to try to explain how to use them.  And yes, they even got one wrong, which they took down after I pointed out their error.


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3 comments on “Public opinion on Toll lanes? Survey Says…
  1. transpengr says:

    Watching the WSDOT video took me to a sanitized history of the Alaskan Way Viaduct tunnel planning and building process. On the planning side they of course didn’t mention the more economical cable stayed bridge in the existing viaduct alignment that was conceptualized by TY LIN, one of the premier design firms in the world. This plan was deep-sixed one day after it came out and all paper plans and documents were shredded. The downtown establishment did not want this thing to see the light of day. But some paper copies still exist.


  2. Philip Skoog says:

    So David why not do your own opinion video but do it only with people who hate the tolls or can’t use them because they can’t afford them. Also what about all the people going on local roads because the tolling has pushed everybody that had been using HOV2 on to other roads.

    WAZE and INRIX data would really make this visible as the real response would be anything but tolls.

    By the way I did go up to the Hanger for the concert you txt me about maybe I was late but there was a Russian Toastmaster event instead with Russian singers.


  3. Philip Skoog says:

    Also they should be showing not 75 cent tolls on the signs but the $10 mess coming down from Canyona Park. Maybe you could do the interview in the Canyan Park Starbucks in the am.


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