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Why Gas Taxes are the Holy Grail for Highway Funding

Some people oppose Gas Taxes and that Washington State legislators are seeking to increase our gas tax by a pretty penny. First understand that this article is not an assessment of how effectively they are spending the money they collect.

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NPR Interview with author of Velvet Rope Economy

NPR recently interviewed Nelson Schwartz, New York Times reporter and author of “The Velvet Rope Economy: How Inequality Became Big Business”.  In his book Nelson examines the parallel but separate worlds of the wealthy vs the rest of us.   In

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Tolling Company for #405ETL Was Supposed to be Replaced; Continues With Problems on Hwy 99 Tunnel Tolls

The Seattle Times published this article about the tolling company today (7/29/2019).  It reveals just how overly complex tolling is and why it is so expensive to operate. The tolling company that is trying to toll Highway 99 Tunnel is

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How far will people go to drive in the HOV lane?…

How about hauling around a dead body?  Check out this story from Nevada…

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Quick list of County Council email addresses

Here is a convenient list of all email addresses of the Snohomish County Councilmembers and their assistants and the King County Councilmembers.  Copy/paste this into the TO line of any email you may send to them:,,,,

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King & Snohomish County Councils to choose replacement legislators for 1st LD on Monday. Your input needed NOW.

Senator Guy Palumbo resigned last month. He was the most vocal advocate for stepping back from Express Toll Lanes.  The 1st Legislative District Democrats have selected their 3 candidates to replace him.  On Monday at 10:00am at Bothell City Hall

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It’s time to take a moment to celebrate together Friday May 31 at 5:30 – 7:00 at 192 Brewing Co. in Kenmore. Please RSVP at To all of you who signed the petition, thank you for being part

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Eminent Express Toll Lane Financial Disaster on #405ETL

Watch the video below.  The call to action is simple: 1.  Go to to find the phone numbers of your 2 state Representatives and 1 state Senator. 2.  Call each of them and demand they vote against HB 2132.

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Canada’s Novel Idea for Reducing Traffic Congestion

The people of New Brunswich, Canada have come up with a novel idea on reducing their congestion during peak hours:  Don’t let senior citizens drive during those hours.  Read the article here at I love this statement from the

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Senate trying to pass bill to eliminate the #405ETL 45mph speed requirement

Tomorrow, Thursday, 2/21/2019, the State Senate Transportation Committee is having a hearing at 3:30pm on a bill that will, among other things, eliminate all performance requirements. That is, they will no longer have the requirement to meet the 45mph average

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