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PSRC demonstrates Chapter 6 from the book: How to Lie With Statistics

Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) published this report regarding growth in our region.  There is no doubt we are growing – rapidly.  But PSRC is spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) to drive its agenda.  Consider the following graph taken from

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UW’s Mark Hallenbeck explains why WSDOT can’t measure I-405 diversion traffic

KUOW radio interviewed Mark Hallenbeck to report on how mobile apps are creating diversion traffic on neighborhood streets. This story is exactly what is happening due to the #405ETL. WSDOT doesn’t measure traffic on these neighborhood streets; only on the

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Has Bothell has created a ped-friendly boulevard or a new way to have collisions? (video)

The revitalization of downtown Bothell is wonderful in many ways. Unfortunately, the new multi-way boulevard may not be one of them. When it comes to transportation, I consider myself fairly savvy. (I did figure out how the I-405 Express Toll

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GoodToGo website is BadToGo

Here is an email I received recently explaining yet another problem with the GoodToGo website.  There have been so many that I really haven’t been posting them, but we need to be measuring these to identify just how widespread the

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