News Stories about I-405 tolls and

8/5/2016  9 month update: Accidents are up 55% along I-405 Express Toll Lanes

Bills posted for the next legislative session:

12/12/2015 Glitches cause problems in Good To Go Billing
12/11/2015 Love it or hate it, WSDOT defends I-405 tolls
12/11/2015 KUOW Public Radio: High Tolls Fuel More I-405 Anger
12/11/2015 Seattle Times: Glitches cause problems in Good to Go billing
12/11/2015 570KVI Radio: I-405 commute toll hits $10; officials say it may go higher
12/10/2015 Kirkland Views: Stop405Tolls Petition already over 17,000 signatures and rising
12/9/2015 King5 News: Stop I-405 tolling: Citizen petition getting lawmaker attention
12/9/2015 570KVI Radio John Carlson Interview with David Hablewitz

12/6/2015 Herald of Everett: Group collecting signatures in effort to end I-405 tolling
10/23/2015 Lawmakers share complaints about I-405 tolling
10/14/2015 ShiftWA: Your I-405 tolling scheme horror stories
10/6/2015 ShiftWA: I-405 collisions more than double since tolling scheme
10/1/2015 King 5 News: Are drivers avoiding I-405 tolls?
9/27/2015 Herald of Everett: I-405’s express toll lanes are here, and they’re complicated
9/15/2015 Problems ahead for I-405 HOV/toll lanes – by Jeff Merrill, president of the Washington State Patrol Troopers Association
*3/19/2015 Critics blast new I-405 tolling as money grab aimed at forcing drivers onto buses
2/17/2015 King 5 News: I-405 study finds little difference with 2 or 3 people HOVs
1/31/2014 WSDOT Recommends Funding Plan for 405 Express Toll Lanes

3 comments on “News Stories about I-405 tolls and
  1. Stephen Howard says:

    I would like to know how much of the anticipated 3 million that is going out of state to the company that runs the toll lanes is coming back in the way of campaign donations to the people who shoved this down our throats. It would be interesting to note the findings. In my line of work it has always been follow the money and I would like someone to follow the money back and report on how much our elected representatives received from this company

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  2. Article proving WSDOT is mistaken that they need to toll the road or that it even needs to move at 45mph to comply with federal regulations:


  3. News article referencing our post about WSDOT admits 405 is slower on the weekends:


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