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1 year of #405ETL: Are We Better Off?

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the #405ETL. Here is an update on the toll of the tolls. The ETL are failing to meet the minimum performance requirements of 45mph, in particular, they fail for the entire northern half

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WSDOT Survey Reports Confirm #405ETL are “Lexus Lanes”: 80% of User Have Above Median Incomes

Over 80% of drivers paying to use the #405ETL have a household income above the median in Bothell.  Nearly half (48%) have a household income above $125,000.  This is the data taken directly from the slide deck we received in

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Bellevue-Renton #405ETL WSDOT Open House Tomorrow: YOU GET NO MORE GPLs!

Tomorrow evening WSDOT is holding an open house at the Bellevue City Hall from 5pm to 7pm and again at Renton High School on September 13 from 5-7pm. Attend this and you will learn you are getting NO MORE

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#405ETL Tolls Now Hitting $10 Every Single Day!

Yes, for the entire month of July, every single day that the I-405 Express Toll Lanes were in operation, they maxed out at $10, the highest possible toll rate allowed. For 38 minutes every day the tolls were being charged,

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