WA Senator calls out Secretary of WSDOT for conceding he can’t do his job

Recently WSDOT Secretary Roger Millar gave a speech at a meeting in front of state DOT heads from across the country.  In his speech as reported in the Seattle PI he is quoted saying: “…congestion “is a problem we simply cannot solve.” (You can also read more at the AASHTO website.)

In response to Millar’s speech, state Senator Phil Fortunato wrote a letter to Secretary Millar calling him out for failing to act according to the charter of WSDOT.  The letter calls out some serious issues with Millar.  I only wish it had been published as a team effort and sent by the Transportation Committee.  But that doesn’t happen much between legislative sessions and particularly not during campaign season.  It is frustrating that the divisiveness of party politics impedes collaboration among legislators to address issues like this as a team, especially when this is not a matter of party idiology.   Here is his letter:

I have much more to say on this topic.  Watch for my Op Ed sometime this week that will hopefully be published by the Seattle Times.


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