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In the search for a petition website, MoveOn.org was chosen because it was the only site that would also send an email to all of the state legislatures on behalf of each signer.  Many people and groups use this website for various petitions. Signing this petition does not affiliate you with other petitions built using this website.  Please don’t let other petitions you may have seen hosted by this site deter you from signing our petition.  And if you get an email from the website later, just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of it and they will not send you any more. That’s the law and they know it.  For conservatives, know that John Carlson of KVI 570 Talk Radio signed it and endorsed signing it on the air.  But if you still don’t want to, just click the button at the top to Download and Print Petition.  Then print it, sign it, and mail it back. As long as you have printed it, go ahead and get others to sign it too.

Thanks for signing and spreading the word.
United we will get I-405 fixed!


32,000 Signatures. Keep spreading the word.
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