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Yet again: More billing problems being stuck to the drivers

OK, this is insanely out of control.  The latest billing problem with our tolling systems as reported by KOMO News is due to a problem with the tolling company’s computers.  Electronic Transaction Consultants Company, the company who provides Washington’s tolling

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Tax Day Message: Voice Your Opinion to WSTC About the Tolls

The Washington State Transportation Commission says they are interested in your opinion. They are coming to Bellevue and Seattle to hold a meeting for public comments regarding raising the tolls on the 520 bridge and extending the hours to 24

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The Toll Truth is Revealed

A scene from that classic, Blazing Saddles. They should have bought a FlexPass… A lot of truth and a bit of levity on the topic published in several Reporters… While we wait for WSDOT’s data, the people already know the

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