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WSDOT Admits Traffic is Worse

WSDOT doesn’t believe you when you say that the General Purpose Lanes (GPL) of I-405 are worse during the weekdays.  But in their November 18th blog post they admit things are worse on the weekends than before.  They are blaming

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Our petition is being watched across the Nation

This petition received 12,000 signatures in 12 hours, getting signatures at a rate of over 1,000 signatures per hour.  It was signed by 26,000 in just 2 weeks and continues to grow. This is unprecedented for a state level petition

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Your interest-free $4.8M loan to WSDOT

In the December 10th press conference where Rep. Mark Harmsworth and Sen. Andy Hill presented their bill to remove tolling, Sen. Hill commented on the grossly underestimated volume of sales of FlexPass transponders: “They [WSDOT] missed it by half?  In

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Propaganda in that email from GoodToGo!

If you have a GoodToGo Pass, then you probably got a copy of this email: Note in the section that reads: How are express toll lanes performing since they opened? Since opening the I-405 express toll lanes, drivers choosing to

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WSDOT already requesting a higher maximum Toll

In less than 3 months, the tolls are already maxing out at $10.  This is much sooner than WSDOT ever expected.  Also, they have already sold 160,000 FlexPasses, double what they expected.  Just watch what happens when everyone starts using

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Representative Mark Harmsworth and Senator Andy Hill have written a bill to return one of the 405 toll lanes to a general purpose lane and to open the lanes to all cars for free from 7PM to 5AM. A separate

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An Analysis of 2-Person vs. 3+Person carpools in Trip Reduction

With the implementation of the 405 Express Toll Lanes (ETL), the carpool requirement was increased from 2 people to 3 people during peak hours. The intended result was for carpools to add a third person to their carpool. The reality

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News Release #3 FB: Stop 405 Tolls // Twitter: @stop405tollsnow Contact: Cynthia Ulrich, WebberUlrich Media, LLC / 425-830-9296 /  NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Use  WSDOT and Governor Appear to Live Out Tale of Self-Delusion What Part of “No” Don’t WSDOT, Peterson

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Todd Herman of 770KTTH interviews WSDOT Executive Director Lynn Peterson

This is an interview by Todd Herman of Lynn Peterson on December 9, 2015 discussing the I-405 Express Toll Lanes (as well as the driver user fee). [audio ] Todd Herman asks “I believe the 405 tolling is experimenting with

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What your representative sees when you sign

Wonder exactly what happens when you sign the petition? Based on the address you enter, the website determines which district you live in. It identifies who your representatives are and every day each state representative and senator gets a summary

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