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Coming 2024: Renton Toll Lanes

Renton, if you think you’re getting another general purpose lane… Think again. If this bothers you, let your 3 legislators know.  That is the only way you will get it changed.  You can call and leave them a message via

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The insidious down side to Electric Vehicles

Fire.  If the batteries catch on fire as sometimes happens in any car crash, the problem is much bigger. See the explanation of this Tesla fire. And if this had happened inside the tunnel, it might have been much worse. 

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Leaders can’t solve congestion on I-405, but throw away Heavy Capacity Rail: ERC

This is a travesty. A very sad day. The Eastside Rail Corridor lost another segment today. “Leadership” and WSDOT declare they can’t cope with congestion and use this as an excuse to create toll lanes on I-405.  Sound Transit spends

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Pilot study is over. Legislators send a letter to Governor Inslee to turn off tolls.

The 2 year pilot period for the I-405 Express Toll Lanes is over.  The 2-person carpools have been decimated as many have gone back to driving themselves.  The toll lanes continue to fail to meet the Federal speed requirements that

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ETP meeting 10/13/2017: WSTC presents Mileage tax, PSRC presents transit plan

This is the ETP meeting today. See what your city council members from the cities on the Eastside from Renton to Kenmore are discussing and learning about. The WSTC presentation on RUC test is at timestamp 0:05:50.  The PSRC presents

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WSDOT now playing word games with the LAW in desperation to keep tolls

See this video from KIRO 7 news where they interview Ed Barry, WSDOT Secretary of Tolling.  He is claiming that even though the tolls do not meet the speed requirements of 45mph  for 90% of the peak hour, they can

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