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WSDOT 3 years late, but claims 6 months early with expanding I-405

(Reminder of WSDOT open house this Thursday in Bothell)  Governor Inslee held a press conference last Thursday to brag about how they are able to start the hard shoulder running project 6 months earlier than expected.  The reality is that

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The WSDOT Myth about why buses go slow.

Video evidence showing why buses go slow on I-405… It is true that in heavier traffic buses can get held up by cars.  But this illustrates that buses contribute greatly to the problem.  But one fact being hidden by WSDOT

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7 Questions for WSDOT

Find out what WSDOT is trying to do to fix all the problems created by the Express Toll Lanes while waiting for the Legislature to go back in session and eliminate them entirely.  WSDOT is holding an open house Aug

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#405ETL Pricing Algorithms Continue to be a Total Failure

From the beginning, the algorithms used to determine pricing in the I-405 Express Toll Lanes have been a complete and utter failure.  This boggles my mind at the level of failure WSDOT has achieved.  I want to give them the

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