“One way or another, we will force you to ride buses”

Seattle has changed the rules on new construction as reported on crosscut.com.  You may have no place to park if you rent a new apartment in Seattle.  The intent is to drive people to living entirely by mass transit.  I’m just trying to imagine how I would fit that into my lifestyle…  I’m not permitted to take my dog on the bus; I can’t carry my daughter’s cello, music stand, and backpack on the bus; I can’t get to the Skykomish River with my kayak to go whitewater kayaking.  In fact, there are many things I couldn’t do if I had to depend on mass transit.

I understand the need to reduce what we consume to make room for more people, but there must be a better way.  If Steve Jobs were here, he would say “Go back and come up with a better solution or I’ll fire you and find someone who can.”

Greenwood Parking


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3 comments on ““One way or another, we will force you to ride buses”
  1. fidgetspinnerzzzz says:

    What’s the better way? If its not solo driver cars, not buses, a bit of bicycles…is it Uber/Lyft? Automated vehicles? I don’t think anyone has any suggests that bake out any tastier of a meal than the one we are about to eat. Im less concerned about residents who choose a downtown living with no cars than those of us needing to get into the city for business or events and nowhere to park. Even paid parking is shrinking at a lightning speed.


  2. Marsha Hebert says:

    There are so many reasons that we on occasion need to drive our cars. However, going to the same place of employment every day is not one of them. When I worked in Seattle, I bused. When I worked in Redmond, I van pooled. Met some awesome people that I never otherwise would have met. Saved time and money, and helped keep our environment cleaner. I’m retired now, but try whenever possible to stay off the roads during rush hour. Too bad more people aren’t more responsible. Perhaps those single occupant drivers should be the ones paying the tolls, and 2+ car pool people should be getting the breaks.


  3. I never drove to work when I worked in downtown Seattle, even when I went to the interview. Always bike or bus.
    I’ve been an avid bike commuter since 2001 and even a team captain for bike-to-work month many times.
    As for those solo drivers, they shouldn’t be allowed in the toll lanes at all and 2-person carpools should be allowed for free. Allowing solo drivers buy their way into the HOV lane undermines the whole point of trip reduction as does preventing 2-person carpools. But creating parking problems by eliminating off-street parking isn’t addressing the source of the problem, it’s just creating different problems.


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