Banner Morning!

2015-12-03 08.15.22.jpgThank you to everyone who waved and beeped this morning! Please sign the petition, call your legislature representatives, and share this website with all your friends and co-workers.  It was wet out there and traffic in the general purpose lanes was going about 15mph. Many carpools and solo drivers in the ETL were honking and waving too, showing their support.

Here are some statistics you might like to know:

In the 10 minute period from 7:50 – 8:00am we counted 104 vehicles in the general purpose lanes that were a 2+ person carpool.  Note that we couldn’t tell if they are 2 person carpools or 3+ person carpools.

Three times we counted 20 cars driving in the single Express Toll Lane at the 195th St overpass.  Of those cars, we found the following ratios:
Count 1: 18 solo, 2 carpools
Count 2: 16 solo, 4 carpools
C0unt 3: 17 solo, 3 carpools

In the hour since the banner was displayed, nearly 150 people have visited the website. (Please sign the petition too!)  I’m sure more will do so…when they finally get to work.

Clearly the Express Toll Lanes only provide a source of revenue.  They do not facilitate overall traffic flow.

Please sign the petition, call or email your representatives (visit and help spread the word!

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2 comments on “Banner Morning!
  1. Update: In just a few hours over 150 signatures already. Keep sharing!


  2. Over 200 signatures in less than 8 hours and the pace is picking up. Keep spreading the word. United we can make a difference.


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