Our petition is being watched across the Nation

This petition received 12,000 signatures in 12 hours, getting signatures at a rate of over 1,000 signatures per hour.  It was signed by 26,000 in just 2 weeks and continues to grow.
This is unprecedented for a state level petition on MoveOn.org.  This fact alone has earned the respect of many of the elected leaders of our state.

This issue has been in the news on a nearly daily basis.  Articles have been published in newspapers and online (Seattle Times, Everett Herald, Woodinville Weekly, Kirkland Views to name some). We have been interviewed by numerous radio stations (KUOW, 570AM Talk Radio, KTTH 770AM, KOMO 1000AM)  and TV news (KOMO4, King5, KIRO7, FOXQ13).

What is more impressive is that this movement is being monitored by people around the country.  We have already been contacted by people in Los Angeles, CA, where they have painfully implemented similar ETLs, and Tampa, FL, where ETLs are being considered and planned.  These contacts are seeking to follow our lead in blocking or eliminating ETLs in their cities.  Charlotte, NC and cities in Texas are also feeling public pressure against ETLs.  Atlanta has eliminated some of their toll roads in response to public outcry, so there is no doubt it can be done.

But WSDOT still hasn’t fully recognized how significant this is or how it may impact the agency at all levels.  If you want to be certain your opinion makes a difference, do these 2 things:

  1. Every day get one more person to sign the petition.
  2. Call your representatives and tell them this issue matters to you.

Grow the movement.

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One comment on “Our petition is being watched across the Nation
  1. Derrick Tan says:

    Next petition get those bums out of Olympia

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