Now you can Print and sign a paper copy of the petition!

Good News!
For those people who can’t or won’t sign an online version of the petition, we now have it in paper form.  Just click on the ‘Download and Print Petition‘ button in the menu above or click  this link to download the .pdf file from this page, print it, sign it, and mail it back to us.  The address to mail it to is printed on the petition form.  While you’re at it, pass the petition around and get others to sign it too.  If you print both pages of signature spaces, make sure it is double-sided.  The text of the petition must appear on every paper to be valid.

You can also print the same background information as published on the homepage of the website.  Keep in mind that the latest background information is published in the blog on the website and as we research and produce more evidence of how the 405 tolls are a complete failure, that will be the best source for complete and up-to-date information.  The website also contains links to news articles published by the press on the topic.

If you print and sign the petition, be sure to get it mailed back to us as soon as possible, so we can update the count of signatures.  We want as many signatures as possible by the start of the Legislative session January 11, 2016.  Our topic will come up sometime between then and when it ends in March. We will continue to collect signatures until we are successful.

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One comment on “Now you can Print and sign a paper copy of the petition!
  1. Mary Lou Lewis says:

    I resent having my taxes pay for this and then charging me to use it when and if necessary.


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