Your signature got them to listen. Now go tell them what you want.

This Thursday is a critical day in the process of the fight against tolls on I-405 and the future tolls on I-90 and I-5 and SR509.  If at all possible, take the afternoon off to drive down to Olympia and speak to the Senate Transportation Committee during the public hearing of bill 6152.  Details and directions can be found at:

Use our Facebook group to organize carpools:

The address is:

Senate Hearing Rm 1
J.A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA 98504

It is about 75 miles from Kirkland, 1.5 hours without traffic  😉
The meeting is scheduled to start at 3:30pm.  If you leave by noon you should arrive early and have time to sign up to speak, then explore what else goes on at the capitol.

See the details of the meeting schedule here:…

Watch that webpage for any changes.
Our bill is listed first. Read the bill at:…
The bill makes 3 changes:
1.  Allows access to everyone from 7:00pm to 5:00am
2. Reduces it from 2 ETL lanes to 1 lane
3. Removes the double-white lines as much as possible.
(A good start to our final goal.  Looking to remove all tolling and need for transponders and change to 2 person carpools at all times. 2 carpool lanes are OK. Note that until the carpools are reduced to 2 person, the half of I-405 north of 160th St will continue to be worse.)

If you plan to speak, read this page to see how it all works (it’s simple):

Your attendance is still valuable even if you don’t speak. We will have bumper stickers to hold up to show your support.


Our petition got their attention.  The Senate is having a public hearing on the bill.

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