Printed and signed petitions are coming in!

Two weeks ago we posted a copy of the petition to be downloaded and printed.  Signed petitions are now starting to come in! Some with one or two signatures and some completely filled out.  This is quite impressive considering the effort it takes over filling it out online.  These people are downloading it, printing it, signing it (and getting others to sign), then putting it in an envelope, stamping and mailing it back!

This level of effort demonstrates just how impactful this is to people.  Please continue to bring the petition to the attention of the people around you.  There are many others who want to sign if only they know the petition exists.

completed petition 001-smudged

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2 comments on “Printed and signed petitions are coming in!
  1. Vic Bishop says:

    The Bellevue City Council will have a WSDOT presentation Monday, Jan. 25 at their Study Session starting at 6:00pm at Bellevue City Hall. This would be a great local, timely place to show up to express your concerns. See for the agenda for Jan.25. Public comment is limited to 3 minutes and is in the first 10 minutes of the meeting.

    One of my concerns is about diversionary traffic showing up on Bellevue’s streets. That is an issue that impacts the City of Bellevue, and all other cities in the corridor, so councils listen. Do you have a favorite parallel route to I-405 that you know has more traffic than prior to the HOT lanes? Mine is Northbound on 116th Ave. NE north of Northup in the afternoon, with traffic trying to get north without using I-405.

    The Council needs to hear your thoughts, or they will rah rah WSDOT to continue for the full two year ‘experiment’. We need the local city councils to help push the legislature to pass HB 2312.

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  2. Ken says:

    How do people explain to there kids that they will see them an hour or more less per day because they cant afford to pay toll, and the toll lanes have slowed traffic down this much from before the tolls on 520 were in acted.Our children are paying the price… another road for the rich built by the working class citizen.


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