Bill to give citizen input on tolls needs your call now

Yesterday I made another drive to Olympia to try to make last-minute progress on eliminating the 405ETL before the legislative session ends next week.  Senator Rosemary McAuliffe and Senator Marko Liias worked with me to draft a bill that requires WSDOT to form a stakeholder group with representation from the trucking industry, regional business communities, regional and local governments, transit advocates, commuters, WSDOT and WSTC to study the impacts of the tolls including opening the toll lanes to 2 person carpools at all times, eliminating the need for a FlexPass and a number of other elements.  This gives us a direct voice in the matter.

The transportation budget is currently being negotiated between the House and the Senate RIGHT NOW.

This team has done all it can.  Now we need you to call your 2 legislators and 1 senator TODAY (even Saturday or Sunday) and ask them to support funding SB6675 in the transportation budget.  Three quick phone calls.   Click here to look up their phone numbers.  If the phones are busy, please call again.  If you get voicemail, leave the message: “My name is _____, my phone number is_____, and I am your constituent.  Please support funding for SB6675 that funds a stakeholder group to address issues with the 405 Express Toll Lanes.”

If you can’t call them, then send them an email.  You can send the email through this website very easily. You can send your message to all 3 of your representatives at one time if you click YES to the question “Would you like a response from Sen.___?”  It will look something like this:

Only if we stand together will we make a difference.

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2 comments on “Bill to give citizen input on tolls needs your call now
  1. Barb says:

    Done. Thanks so much for all your efforts David

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  2. Sharif Hamid says:

    Done, we need to kick the thieves off our road.

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