Radio Interview with Vic Bishop, Transportation Engineer

The following in-depth interview was done on “Eyes on Washington” on AM 1590 last Friday, July 1:

This is a conservative radio show, but the entire conversation is just regarding the I-405 Express Toll Lanes.  Vic is a brilliant retired transportation engineer and does a great job explaining some of the problems with the toll lanes and what is coming to the southern half of I-405 (2 GPL and 2 ETL) how things could be fixed.

If you are a candidate running for the state House or Senate, you might want to listen carefully to this one.  As Vic mentioned in his interview, will be posting the grades on the candidates sometime in the next few days. will also be holding an information session to explain more about the tolls and the problems with them as well as solutions like those Vic mentioned in this interview.  That session will be at the King County Library in Bellevue on Thursday, July 21 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  We are inviting the legislators, candidates, media and the public.  More details will be posted shortly.

If you are receiving this blog post via email and content is missing, visit to read it online.  Be sure to share this with others and encourage people to continue to add their signatures to the petition via the big red button on the website.

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One comment on “Radio Interview with Vic Bishop, Transportation Engineer
  1. Philipo says:

    Tolls cause more problems than they fix such as increases in congestion on remaining highway lanes, increases in accidents, diversion of traffic to local roads at higher speeds than safe and high costs to collect small amounts of money. Maybe we should ask the real question ……..why do we have a highway?

    Highways were developed by the Eisenhower Administration to serve military and economic interests. That means to get someplace to deliver people and goods. To serve the movement of people from where they are to where they have to be to access jobs and things like food, other people and to collaborate. None of these things are easier to do if we have a complicated tolling protocol.

    Eisenhower had to manage the highways because local politicians could not do it. They fail repeatedly to keep the nations economy and reasons for highways in mind but instead become mind locked in local problem thinking.

    Tolling trolls only see this thinking as a great opportunity for highway robbery. Putting the tolling industry between people and their needs and taking advantage of politicians biases for their own turf.

    German Autobahns are managed in a better way they are not tolled but there are strict rules of behavior and speeds to reduce accidents and to maximize the number of people per hour per lane. Not just for tolling lanes but all lanes of the highway. Germany manages freight trucks in a better way too with the Autobahn designed to reduce the forced highway lane changing we have that increases traffic friction and accidents.

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