Urgent: Legislators are voting to make toll lanes on SR167 permanent!

Urgent: Rep Judy Clibborn is at it again.  She has posted bill HB 2071 titled “Establishing state route number 167 as a permanent eligible toll facility.”
This is what everyone must do TODAY before the hearing at 1:30 PM:
Visit the state website for the bill and post your opinion: https://app.leg.wa.gov/pbc/bill//2071

Here is text you can include in your post:

I oppose HB 2071.  The tolls must not be made permanent until the evaluation of the entire express toll lane experiment is complete and a final decision is made on their viability.  The chairs of both transportation committees have publicly stated that no actions should be taken regarding the tolls until after the 2 year express toll lane experiment on I-405 is complete.  If this is true, then they must be consistent in their decisions.  Given the impact of the evaluation of I-405 ETL and the fact that the legislature and WSDOT have stated the entire corridor should be treated as one complete system, the tolls on SR167 must not be locked in until the system evaluation is complete.

You may wish to add or modify this with your own comments.
Here is the link describing the bill:
and this has the details on its progress through the legislature:

The goal of the sponsors of this bill is to make the toll lanes on SR 167 permanent so they can then work to sell bonds against the toll revenue.
Once bonds are sold, the congestion will be permanent as well because reducing congestion will also reduce the toll revenue and make them unable to pay back the bonds.

Note that representatives Muri and Rodne have sponsored both this bill to make the tolls permanent on SR167 yet also sponsored bill HB 1030 to eliminate the tolls on I-405, a  contradiction I hope to get an explanation. I will post it here if/when I do.

We need to stop this bill here before it ever leaves the transportation committee.  We need to hold Rep Judy Clibborn accountable and live by her own words.
If we do not stop it here, then it will go to a floor vote where the entire house will vote on it. We need to stop it here and now and not let it get that far.

If you are interested in joining us to work together to fix this,  visit https://stop405tolls.org/about/

Please consider donating the price of a toll to help us fund this effort.  Click the donate button on the right side of this page.

David Hablewitz and the leadership team

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2 comments on “Urgent: Legislators are voting to make toll lanes on SR167 permanent!
  1. lucho4 says:

    I must question you singling out Chair Clibborn (D) for her sponsorship of this bill. As you know there are Republicans co-sponsoring this bill also. Committee Chairs are considerate when scheduling bills for hearings and possible executive action by consulting with their loyal opposition. In this case it is the Transportation Committee’s Ranking Minority Member, Rep. Ed Orcutt (R). He obviously understands there is some Republican support for this bill. I’d like you to present their reasons for support for us to think about here too.
    I’m not asking anyone to change their mind on tolls. But you should acknowledge when there is bipartisan support for it and, more importantly, the reasons for it. SR 167 has been tolled long before I-405. There are other issues to contend with regarding whether to continue tolling or not that are likely not know to taxpayers. Just saying “No Tolls” is easy.
    Finally, everyone must acknowledge that our toll system, including I-405, was established with bipartisan support including top Republican Leadership.


  2. joshvanhulst says:

    David, I have signed the petition and will do all I can to help fun this toll lane initiatives to save everyday drivers money.


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