Progress: Funding request for stakeholder group and 3rd party evaluation of #405ETL

While the bills to remove the tolls before the 2 year test period were denied, we still have actions and hope to remove the tolls and restore 2 person carpools.  We have asked legislators to include a line item in the budget to pay for a study to evaluate the success/failure of the #405ETL.  This study would be conducted by a 3rd party (NOT WSDOT) and would include stakeholders from the public.  The intent is to determine what the actual success criteria should be and then to determine if the tolls meet that criteria.

A letter was sent to the chairs of the transportation committees with bi-partisan support from both the House and the Senate, making this request.  (read it here)

Legislative budget request Letter

We would like to thank each of these legislators who signed for working with us to see that this issue gets an unbiased evaluation.  Please take a moment to once again contact your legislators and, if they signed this letter, thank them for their support, or if they did not, to encourage them to support this action.  The goal is to get a truly successful, acceptable solution.

If you don’t have your legislators’ office numbers on speed dial yet, you can find their phone numbers and send them an email from here.

A group of us are working hard on this issue with the limited resources we have.  There are many expenses involved which we have been paying out of our own pockets.  If you would like to help, please consider clicking the Donate button on the website and contributing the equivalent of a few toll payments.

The Leadership Team at

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2 comments on “Progress: Funding request for stakeholder group and 3rd party evaluation of #405ETL
  1. JN says:

    Yeah, and I hope they don’t consider TRAC as “independent” like WSDOT was implying before for a previous evaluation. I remember a lot of communication claiming a 3rd party study by “the UW” by WSDOT when in fact WSDOT has a direct partnership with TRAC (UW, WSU, WSDOT)


  2. […] that included public stakeholders to participate in evaluating how the toll lanes are performing.  We are repeating this request again along with having a disinterested 3rd party to decide the success based on the criteria put forth […]


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