Florida and North Carolina are looking at removing their failed Express Toll Lanes

As Washington State is feeling the agony of #405ETL, Florida and North Carolina lawmakers are already working to undo theirs.  In a truly bipartisan action, the Miami New Times reported that Florida legislators have authored a bill to eliminate the toll lanes on I-95 in Miami and prevent any further ETLs in their state.  Unfortunately for those who have died in collisions related to their toll lanes, it is too late.

The new administration in North Carolina is evaluating how to stop construction of their toll lanes on I-77 north of Charlotte even before they are completed.  The Charlotte Observer article describes the backlash of the toll lanes: “Their widespread objections contributed to the defeat in November of former Gov. Pat McCrory”.

That makes at least 3 states that are working to eliminate express toll lanes.  We are beginning to see the truth behind the tolling industry.


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