GoodToGo website is BadToGo

Here is an email I received recently explaining yet another problem with the GoodToGo website.  There have been so many that I really haven’t been posting them, but we need to be measuring these to identify just how widespread the problems are.  So please send your stories of billing problems to us at stop405tolls…


I have been working this morning with one of WSDOT’s Good To Go customer service clerks to try to get logged in to my Good To Go account because, when I tried to log-in to my account last evening, using my long established security data, my log-in attempts failed continually.

The new Good To Go system recognizes my username, and my security questions and answers, but would not treat my long time used password (a long and complex one, stored in my password generation and management system) as being valid. I even manually entered the old password several times, and it would not work.

Worse yet, the new system rejects every attempt to set a new password.

The young lady who was helping me checked with one of her bosses finally and they asked me to try yet again to reset my password. The system continued to reject all attempts to do so.

Their only advice, keep trying every couple days to see if I can finally reset my password.

You should know that the young lady told me that their office is being inundated with calls from Good To Go customers who are having the same problem of their old security credentials no longer working since the system update last weekend.

So, yet one more Good To Go disaster.

Thank God I have no penalty charges pending as the Good To Go system does always collect my toll charges, even ones that I should not have to pay (due to errors in the system’s determination of the lanes I am traveling in — on 405)



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