Olympia Leadership Responds to stop405tolls.org petition

Today King5 published a news article with Governor Inslee’s response.

The article states:

Governor Jay Inslee’s office responded to the petition saying they are confident in the ultimate success of the lanes.

House Transportation Chair Judy Clibborn said the legislature would work with WSDOT to evaluate improvements to how the lanes are accessed. But she said, for now, they are committed to trying this out for a minimum of two years.

This is a great step forward for the stop405tolls.org petition.  Why?  Because this means they are listening.  Thanks to the 11,000 people who signed it yesterday alone, your voices are now 16,000 strong and growing by the hour. Our story has been picked up by the Everett-Herald, Seattle Times, KOMO 1000, 570KVI, and King 5 news.

We have had conversations with senators and representatives of both parties who support this effort.  They see the impact it is having on their constituents.  Your message is being heard.  But to convince enough people and the right people — our Governor and our House Transportation Chair, they need our support.  It will require an overwhelming voice.  If you are OK with waiting 2 years to reach something better than what it was before the ETL, then wait and watch what action they take. By that time they will have started work on the southern half of I-405 and on I-90.  If not, then sign the petition, share it with your friends and coworkers, and call your representatives and ask them to get involved.  “For now, they are committed” implies open-minded enough to consider other solutions.

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2 comments on “Olympia Leadership Responds to stop405tolls.org petition
  1. Mark Robinson says:

    Sorry folks, but clearly the state is not listening. If they were, there would be an ongoing state financed but independent review of the overall cost to Puget Sound residents of the cost of 405 tolling. Traffic is far slower on I5 due to people moving to that corridor. What is the cost in lost time and productivity? Probably 10 times what the tolls will collect. The state has no interest in be responsive to the taxpayers desires, much better to hurt us for two years, at which time there will be more excuses to continue the tolling.


  2. You are quite right. That is the purpose of this petition and I can tell you we are getting the attention of the lawmakers. Our legislators are stepping up for us to get things changed. They need our signatures as a display of our backing them to make the change. Be sure you contact your representatives and your senator. Be sure to share the petition with your friends and coworkers.


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