Sample of comments in the petition as it reaches 20,000 signatures

Here is a small subset of the thousands of comments that have accompanied signatures on the petition.  This is a representation of the opinion and attitudes of the petitioners:

  • Consider the Einstein Principle: “A scientific theory should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.” The new variation on I-405 seems to be driven by a desire to make things as complex and expensive as possible.
  • I own a small business and having to pay my employees by the hour to sit in traffic and pay a toll is just too much
  • At least you could have found a tolling company within the state of Washington to make rich and pay taxes on their profits.
  • Accidents, and unnecessary traffic jams. We are NOT an experiment! You have wasted enough money as it is. This is another tax and is not helping the environment or the people of Wa. REPEAL!
  • These tolls are ridiculous. I used to carpool every day, but when they bumped the carpool up to three people, I stopped carpooling (it’s too difficult to coordinate three work schedules), which put my and my carpool mate’s cars back on the road.
  • These are SUPPOSE to be EDUCATED ENGINEERS. In the ’60’s this country put MEN ON THE MOON with only SLIDE RULES. It was SUCCESSFUL ENGINEERING. Not only have the citizens ALREADY PAID for I-405 AND learned to CARPOOL we are becoming the insidious east coast. These are FREE WAYS already paid for. Should not the DOT and the DESIGN ENGINEERS be FORCED to drive this ridiculous 405 toll road EVERY DAY??? I will sit in my car and NEVER PAY A TOLL. I will creep along and still NEVER PAY A TOLL. Has this been DOT mismanagement of funds? Has this been Washington States mismanagement of funds? This is the 2nd petition I have ever signed. Stop TOLLING I-405 and RESTORE 2 person carpool lanes.
  • Your setting your community up for failure and its not realistic for 90% of Washington to use this. I 100% DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS. OUR WORK TRUCKS ARENT EVEN ALOUD TO USE IT BECAUSE OF THE WEIGHT CAPACITY
  • Even though I do not live on the east side, I do work there, I also use a motorcycle, and having to get a flex pass for the bike, and then find out it does not work is very frustrating.
  • I think its awful having 2 empty lanes when the rest are jammed packed. A carpool is 2 or more NOT 3. Good grief its against my companies policy to have more than my client in the car with us. Poorly designed & executed. Still don’t know where & why I need to purchase & have credits for a good to go pass. I can’t afford it!
  • We have five people in our car when we carpool as a family. I should not have to get anything special to use the already paided for carpool lanes. Our legislature obviously is miss appropriating funds from our gas tax to pay for other things besides the roads. We should have plenty of funds to pay for expansion on our roads based on the number of cars and how high our gas tax is.
  • Let me get this straight: You threw away the 42 miles of railway already in place and in use by the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train that went from Renton past South Bellevue Park & Ride, South Kirkland Park & Ride, through Totem Lake, past Woodinville Park & Ride and then to Snohomish? This would have been amazingly inexpensive to convert to light rail, but instead, you turned it into a disconnected bike trail. Then complain we can’t “build out way out of congestion” and can’t afford mass transit alternatives, then waste more money setting up the most expensive, inefficient method of revenue collection (a highway toll) to collect revenue?  Are you thieves or just stupid?
  • I avoid 405 entirely now
  • These tolls are biased and targeting the Eastside residents plus business owners. Traffic has become so backed up that there are more wrecks and longer commutes. The flex passes are sold out . The double lines make it impossible for anyone living on the Eastside to utilize the lanes since you cant enter or exit. These toll lanes are a mess and I have even witnessed police vehicle’s and public Transportation buses cutting across the double lines to enter and leave the toll lane.
  • These lanes are rarely used while congestion has been made worse in the regular lanes. If this is for raising revenue because people are buying less gas and therefore paying less gas tax due to hybrid and electric cars, please find a different way that doesn’t make traffic worse.
  • It’s also worth noting that the designated carpool/ETL offramps are now backing up like never before because of the increase in non-carpools using them. This is causing things like the 116th offramp to regularly take 5 to 10 minutes just to get off the rightway at. Similarly the carpool onramps are now backing up the local city streets in the mornings because we didn’t update the infrastructure around them to handle the increased vehicle load of non-carpools.
  • This is ridicules, give us our carpool lane back!! I had two people in my car on a Saturday and got a 3.00 ticket in the mail?? Posted nowhere, first time on the road, I’ll never drive it again, like others I’ll be jammin up I5 I refuse to sign up a good to go pass just so I can use something I’ve been using for 20 years.
  • I mostly commute by bicycle, but occasionally I do drive on I-405 – typically on non-rush hours (e.g. after 7pm). After ETL introduction our drives got slower and more stressful – backups are now more frequent even after 7pm, and the traffic is more dense. There are typically 3 of us in the car, and we have the FlexPass, but we often can’t use the toll lanes because of the entry/exit zones are in very inconvenient places (for us, at least). Overall, ETL introduction seems to have negatively affected our driving experience. Two old-school carpool lanes would be much better.
  • I live in Puyallup, but commute to Tukwila where my job is located. Ever since WSDOT launched tolling on 405, traffic has become worse as far south as Puyallup. Northbound I-5 has become slower, as have the side roads. Even though I do not travel on 405 directly, my daily commute has increased by 40 minutes. My commute will be directly impacted if WSDOT continues with their plan on creating HOT lanes on 167, which is a part of my daily commute. WSDOT should be focused on congestion relief, not raking in cash hand over fist with boondoggles like the HOT lanes.
  • These Lanes discriminate against any person who chooses to drive a 2 seat vehicle. Why should it only be open and allowed to vehicles that are larger and more instances use more gas/fuel. I travel with my ride share buddy in my 2 seat vehicle. Technically I AM carpooling.
  • The ETL lanes are a scam. Legislators – either fix this or prepare for unemployment after the next election.
  • I commute from Seattle to Totem Lake every business day for work and have seen the toll lanes provide nothing but additional congestion. The entry/exit points are few and far between, and in the short time that the lanes have been open, I have witnessed multiple close-calls of near-accidents for people rapidly changing lanes in to or out of the toll lanes. The adjustment of two-person to three-person requirements at peak times significantly reduces the opportunity for me to carpool with coworkers, as it is typically only one other person I carpool with. Bottom line, reducing what was a 4-lane road to a 3-lane road for general purpose, is NOT helping to increase or benefit the flow of traffic.
  • The toll lanes have increased my commute from 25 mins to 45-50 mins
  • The tolls have made traffic horrible at all hours!!
  • I’m signing this as an I-5 driver. The toll on I-405 has ruined the commute for I-5 drivers, sometimes by 30 minutes or more. I am absolutely sick of it. Usually I don’t go out and vote, but this year I will vote for every R I see just so they can erase this idiotic toll from history.
  • I cannot find anything positive about the 405 toll, except that the DOT gets to checkmark the box that declares it a victory because the the new lanes flow according to a preconceived notion. And everyday, more commuters have their safety compromised by vehicles having to use the limited access points in order to use the new lanes. Yes, it’s obvious there was little or no thought given to an increase in pollution from those who either cannot pay or cannot find a 3rd person to ride with them.
  • Please realize that the tolling is causing a terrible back up of traffic. It moved much better before tolling and put so many of us that used the toll free carpool lanes with only 2 folks. It really is a hardship with the added time it takes to move along that stretch of fwy.
  • I was ok with the idea of HOV or toll lanes like on SR 167, but this system is terrible, and only partly because the Good to Go passes are still kind of a mess.
  • This is the worst thing that has happened to commuting since tolling the 520
  • Any time I save using the toll lanes is consumed by the time it takes me to get on and off the lanes, and to get to the freeways using the more crowded local roads. Simply put, my commute is the same as it was before the toll lanes, though I have to pay $5 or more now.
  • The pain of the failed new toll lane project grows everyday. It is the worst I have seen in 40 years of driving in this State. To add to my previous comment, last night, we needed to be in Lynnwood but we only had an hour to get there. Traffic was horrible. So we took the express lane—which was packed and moving slow. But the worse part was the $8.00 toll!!!!
  • Punishing the people trying to help you with the traffic issue by carpooling is rather counter-intuitive and is only making the situation worse.
  • I’ve never seen anything more ridiculous. Now you sit on the ramps forever while the carpool lanes are empty. And you can’t get through the traffic to the carpool lane before you get to the exit!
    The worst part is the double-lines limiting exit points…trying to cross 4-5 lanes of stopped traffic to get off I-405 is impossible and dangerous for everyone!!
  • This toll and occupancy requiremtnts are creating more backups that hamstring commuters as well as shippers using I-405. It needs to be eliminated.
  • Using tax payers’ money to artificially create congestion and then benefit from it… People should go to jail for this. At least the evil 3-person carpool requirement should be scrapped.
  • This has been a disaster from the beginning. WSDOT has lied to us, deceived it, and created worse gridlock while spewing lies about improving traffic. This debacle has created a level of mistrust for WSDOT, and truly made WSDOT look disceitful and corrupt.
  • Is there anyway to include motorcyclists in this petition? The ETL entry/leave points force motorcyclists to be in the GP lanes for extended periods (3-5 miles) which is a hazard. US Code Title 23 Chapter 1 Section 166 subsection b states that in general a State agency shall allow motorcycles to use the HOV facility with the only allowance to restrict HOV use being if it creates a safety hazard. Meanwhile a greater hazard has been created through the restricted access points. There is a significant increase in risk of accident or injury by having cars on either side of a motorcycle as well as motorcyclists need for use of the shoulder in the event of accident or injury.
  • The tolls have added an extra 30 min to see my family on a SATURDAY!!!!!!! We the tax payers paid 155 million in taxes to widen 405 to reduce traffic and WADOT is double dipping the taxpayers/middle class
  • I hate it, you have to pay and it does not help with traffic at all in the gridlock daytime work hours. and the toll company is a rip off, just look at the 520 bridge issues
  • Put I-405 back to the way it was between Bellevue and Lynnwood. Let’s put term limits on our politicians, whenever they are up for re-election vote for the other person.
  • I drive i405 multiple times everyday for my job. and this has literally ruined my entire means of transportation
  • Yesterday it took my husband 1.5 hours to get home. A commute from Bellevue to lynnwood that is only 24 miles. Ridiculous.
  • Money gruby Government and they won’t spend the money on what they say they are going to.
    let’s do something good and ethical here! it is unreal that we even need to petition to correct this mess!
  • Go back to the 2 person carpool and no good to go pass!
    get rid of tolls & double stripes & put back to 2 person carpools.
  • This approach to traffic load was thought up by WSDOT after funds were approved for 405 expansion. We also need a change at the top of WSDOT. They are always behind the curve on road improvements.
  • Almost $10 to go a couple miles which should be free for the public is outrageous. Lanes for the rich.
    they should never have put this system in without our consent
  • Carpool lane reinstated please. The whole point is to reduce the number of cars on the road. Also, collecting tax money through a middle man is very wasteful. Only benefits the company in the middle.
  • It cost me at least $5 to get from Bothell to totem lake just to go to dialysis 3 times a week. To get to dialysis on time i have to pay now??
    Stop this madness! Restore our regular 2-person carpool lane and allow using it between 7pm-5am for free without extra occupants. The traffic is hideous – far worse than before the new lanes.
  • This is a confusing, complicated and unfair tolling system. It needs to be abolished.
  • it did not work in Atlanta what makes you think it is working here. Be at least equal smart, Atlanta ditched it!!!!
    WSDOT once again perceives itself as a problem solver when all they really do is create more!
  • My commute was instantly transformed for the worse the day these toll lanes opened. There’s no longer a point in carpooling with the one coworker who lived near enough to me to do so. At the very least, change the carpooling capacity back to 2!
  • I no longer drive 405 for shopping. I now use Amazon you are hurting all the local business. They only look at how much money to make.
  • A 90 minute trip to Bellevue from Tacoma now takes 2-2.5 hours since the tolling lanes went into effect. Not helpful for reducing road rage, pollution or commute times…wish there were a better/quicker mass transit option, but there isn’t. While you’re at it add legislation that requires standardization of toll passes within the state, too.
  • I can feed a homeless family of 4 with same $9.25 .
  • the congestion it is causing in Bothell is SICK! I cannot stand these people making these decisions-thieves. Ms. Peterson-head of WA state transportation needs to be inundated with angry to the point messages. I have a small biz in seattle – forget about getting employees from up north working there now and how much will this cost me as sometimes we are in and out of seattle several times a day!
  • As a owner of a 2 seat car, need to eliminate all 3 carpool lanes and toll lanes. We already paid for the road once and now you think we need to pay for it again..,
  • It took me 55 minutes to drive 3 miles today…9th ave se to 228th st se to 35th st se. Ridiculous! All because of 405 tolling!
  • Please start coming up with cost affective solutions that work! Over
  • Taxing the middle class is getting old!
  • This is a crime to use tax dollars in such negligent manner
  • This tolling is an abomination. WSDOT Chose to try to make more money instead of moving traffic, this is what you get. Never before have
  • I seen gridlock on 405 at 11pm on a Saturday night driving through Bellevue, but your tolling makes happen. Back to the drawing board please.
  • People should not be penalized for going to work and the new lanes have done nothing to improve traffic, but they punish the working person who can’t afford to pay an additional 20 dollars a day to have a job. Use our tax dollars appropriately for once to improve traffic.
  • Just drove to Mercer Island today. Bumper to bumper in my lanes. Never saw 2 cars together at a time in the toll lanes. Would someone please explain to me how this totally insane move is moving traffic faster?
  • Our once quiet neighborhood is a highway due to increased traffic.
  • It’s all about the money. Do something to add some capacity
  • It shouldn’t take me 45 minutes from Totem Lake, Kirkland to downtown Bothell. RIDICULOUS.
  • It’s shameless what they have done. Most of the revenue goes to Texas company, there’s nothing good happening with the tolling lanes except allowing rich to ride faster.
  • Unless you drive this nightmare daily, you cannot say in any way that your plan is working. You are taking our money, robbing us blind and we are spending countless hours trying to get from one place to another.
  • For someone who grew up in totem lake & Bellevue I’ve seen the traffic become more congested and frustrating. I also see the problem with tolls are even more frustrating and traffic has not gotten better for the majority of people.
  • Please pass legislation to stop tolling on I-405 between Bellevue and Lynnwood, restore the lanes to 2-person carpool lanes during the day and open to all at night and remove the double-lines for open access.
  • I drive the 405 ever day as a 2 person carpool. I cant find a 3rd person. my afternoon commutes have gotten 20-30 minutes longer on everage. I cant afford to pay 1-4 bucks a day to shave 15 plus minutes off to get my commute back to what it was last year.


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7 comments on “Sample of comments in the petition as it reaches 20,000 signatures
  1. NT says:

    WSDOT have proven time and time again that they are a pompous and arrogant group of officials. In the end, no matter how much public opinion they gather or listen to, they ultimately do as they dam well please. How about their plans to put a graving dock in Port Angeles for constructing the pontoons for the replacement 520 bridge. After hearing tremendous public and private sector backlash, they said, “..thanks for your time and input..” and then went ahead a starting digging. The only thing that stopped this be-fumbling group of misfits was Native American bones! Someone should have buried some bones along 405……..


  2. Wendy says:

    It’s a tax on the poor and middle class because most businesses are located in the center of Seattle or Bellevue but we can’t afford to live there. This means most people have to commute to the center to take 520 or 90.

    Again, We can’t all afford to live in Bellevue, Seattle, mercer, issaquah, kirkland, new castle, etc… Many of us have to commute to afford shelter.

    You’re screwing up our life. my husband and I both have doctorate level degrees and we can’t afford to live in the middle. We are forced to commute. He commutes from Monroe to Renton and I commute all over King and Snohomish county.

    Today, When you raised the toll lane to $10 congestion was so horribly backed up on 522 it made it so sky valley residents in Monroe, Duvall, Sultan, Gold Bar, Barring, Index, and Snohomish were forced to take the day off work. My husband left at 7am and in 2 hours he only crept 8 miles.

    Its borderline discrimenatory in nature which communities are hit the hardest.

    I suggest it could be viewed as a manifestation of the combating social classes. How many more ways can the middle class be squeezed of their dollars? 405 tolls are a tax on the poor and middle class.

    Face it. There are more people living in Greater Seattle you need to expand the freeways and build more. You need to add a rapid transit.

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  3. Wow Wendy, it backed up that bad on 522? Has it ever gotten that bad in the past?


  4. Brian C says:

    “Why do this?” That’s the overriding question. Their answer, from the gov to the WSDOT secretary, has been: “To comply with a federal mandate requiring a minimum 45mph 90% of the time.”
    What I keep wondering is, did anyone try to contend with that federal mandate? I don’t know if WSDOT has a legal recourse for disputing that myopic regulation, but I’d like to find out if they at least tried. The questions to have asked (preferably in court):
    -Why is the average speed in the HOV lane more important than the speed in the general purpose lane?
    -Why is the average speed in the HOV lane more important than the average commute time?
    -Doesn’t the imposition of a 45mph/90% rule necessitate taking actions that reduce usage of the HOV lane and thus reducing carpooling in general… which has several negative net results?
    -Is the federal law intended to create frustration for individual drivers and push them towards mass transit and thus an environmental measure? If so, doesn’t the increase in cars due to the reduced utility of the HOV lane, in addition to the slow-moving traffic produce more pollution?

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  5. The 45mph requirement does not apply to standard HOV lanes that are for HOV only, as Bob Pishue, Director of the Coles Center for Transportation at Washington Policy Center, points out in this article:

    We will publish more on this WSDOT deception along with supporting evidence shortly.


  6. Robert Poulk says:

    The single most important part of this was posted on the GoodToGo website a couple of weeks before the tolls started. WSDOT stated that the revenue generated by the toll system was designated for use building more toll lanes. All the churn about congestion, valid as it is, only serves to direct attention away from that. The fact is that increased congestion is necessary to push harried drivers into the outrageously overpriced pay-per-use lanes ( as a comparison, a monthly pass good for a daily round trip from Kent to Bothell is $90, $10 less than the cost of one week of round trips in the toll lanes). This isn’t the work of an out-of-touch bureaucracy, it is a well-orchestrated attempt to privatize our public transportation system. Privatizing prisons has turned out to be a huge boondoggle, like highway privatization is already showing itself to be, and it is to our state legislators great discredit that it was allowed to get as far as it has.

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  7. You are absolutely right. The new toll system depends on congestion to make it profitable. If they actually decreased congestion, it would fail to generate the tax they are seeking.


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