Todd Herman of 770KTTH interviews WSDOT Executive Director Lynn Peterson

This is an interview by Todd Herman of Lynn Peterson on December 9, 2015 discussing the I-405 Express Toll Lanes (as well as the driver user fee).

[audio ]

Todd Herman asks “I believe the 405 tolling is experimenting with pain points. What sort of pain do we have to impose on people so that they will get out of the car and maybe get on the buses or take some other measures? Is there social engineering going on here to get people to take buses?”
Peterson: “Tolling is to pay for a specific facility or to do congestion management…No, what we are trying to do is to provide more choice. And the real issue here is how do we provide for some mobility because some people want to buy back their time because their time at that moment is worth a lot.”

Herman: “I get lots of emails on this topic. I got one email that says: I’m a young person, and I get to make a choice: I am late to work or I don’t get to eat lunch.” What choice should that person make?
Peterson: “There is no easy choice for some people and they are going to have to manage their finances on a personal level[..]But what we’re hoping to do is impact in a positive way as many people as we possibly can. And really that’s about a benefit to the general purpose lane users and a benefit to the toll lane users as well.”

what are your thoughts?

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