Auditor Report Identifies WSDOT Incompetence

Based on the auditor’s report, I believe the auditor has been following this blog.  Nothing we haven’t already pointed out, but now it’s official. Read KIRO reporter Jason Rantz’ summary of the report here.

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2 comments on “Auditor Report Identifies WSDOT Incompetence
  1. Not to mention the comments from the original Facebook page on the same subject.


  2. Bill Popp, Sr says:

    Great response on the Millar op-ed – we really are more than family members. But I do think they deserve an honorable mention for eliminating $2 M in penalties and acknowledging that they are not in the penalty collection business.

    And nice job keeping your entourage informed on the latter and on this one. Yes, I would not be at all surprised that the auditor was using this blog for clues.



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