Lawsuits against Tolls in TX, CA, VA, MA, WA

From billing blunders to financial fiascos to just plain bad business, toll roads and toll lanes are riddled with enough problems to frustrate and anger citizens enough to motivate them to take it to court.

Texas is getting sued over their tolls after paying back millions of dollars in fees and fines they billed their drivers.

Just last week it was announced that California is being sued over their tolling practices with fines and fees.

Then there is the class action lawsuit in Virginia for their unfair and illegal fines and fees for the tolls on I-495.

Massachusetts lawsuit by a man who was charged fees due to a faulty transponder.

And back in January, a class action suit was filed against WSDOT for excessive fines and fees for drivers using the 520 toll bridge.

These tolls are a fiscal nightmare that will cost the people of Washington emotionally as well as financially.
– The cost to the tax payers for defending (and paying out) on lawsuits.
– The cost of the tolls themselves.
– Excessive Fees and fines.
– Lost time driving in the increased congestion in the GPL.
– The time lost making those 6.5 million phone calls/emails/paper mails/in-person visits to customer service last year alone — an incredible amount of lost productivity and unmeasured cost.

WSDOT, when will you learn?  Whatever delusions of benefits you think charging a tax to use some of the lanes could bring, Express Toll Lanes will always be a dysfunctional failure.  All of these lawsuits are a symptom of an economic disaster costing the taxpayers no matter what the outcome.  (Unless, of course, you are one of the attorneys working either side of the case.)  Quit following the proven mistakes of other states and start being a leader in legitimate transportation solutions.

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4 comments on “Lawsuits against Tolls in TX, CA, VA, MA, WA
  1. Nola Elson says:

    WSDOT, I wholeheartedly agree. Please stop the toll lanes now. Boeing has not honored its commitment to keep jobs in Washington. Gov. Inslee does not need to keep lanes open for Boeing to run between their plants in Everett and Renton.


    • Kevin says:

      Frankly if anything this will turn into yet another reason for Boeing to send jobs elsewhere. Boeing depends on 405 to transport heavy components between Auburn and Everett. These trucks are not allowed in the toll lanes and I would be willing to bet that the mess in the GP lanes is costing Boeing. I am also reasonably sure that these lanes are driving cost into other businesses that depend on the I-405 corridor so not only is this impacting daily commuters and tax payers it most likely is also impacting industry. The state or more specifically the new toll empire is so busy defending their existence and future that they are turning a purposeful blind eye on the numerous and significant issues these tolls have brought to our communities and the state.


  2. Maria Carr says:

    Add NORTH CAROLINA onto this list of angry citizens and lawsuits against the new I-77 tolls in the Lake Norman area (north of Charlotte). See for more details.


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