WSDOT Survey Reports Confirm #405ETL are “Lexus Lanes”: 80% of User Have Above Median Incomes

Over 80% of drivers paying to use the #405ETL have a household income above the median in Bothell.  Nearly half (48%) have a household income above $125,000.  This is the data taken directly from the slide deck we received in response to our public records request to WSDOT for the data from their Spring 2016 survey of GoodToGo Pass holders who had used the I-405 Express Toll Lanes.  The hypocrisy in this is that the same people say these lanes are intended to make the buses go faster would never consider riding the bus to work.

WSDOT is stealing time from the people in the General Purpose Lanes (GPL) and selling it to the highest bidders in the Express Toll Lanes.  And your gas tax dollars paid for this system and are paying for expanding it to SR167.


Note that the segment of the ETL that has the highest tolls (from SR522 to I-5 tolls max out at $10 every day) also services the commuters with the lowest incomes (Bothell, Snohomish County).

The same report indicated fewer people are carpooling.  So exactly how is this supposed to be an improvement?

Please do 3 things:
1.  Sign the petition via the button on this website
2.  Call all 3 of your legislators and tell them we need solutions to congestion for everyone, NOT Lanes for the rich. (Use the link at the top of the page for the Legislator finder)
3.  Share this information with your friends on social media and in person.

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4 comments on “WSDOT Survey Reports Confirm #405ETL are “Lexus Lanes”: 80% of User Have Above Median Incomes
  1. Mike sansone says:

    Do they even CARE!!!


  2. We will make them care. Elections have consequences.


  3. Derrick Tan says:

    Who do you people think are complaining if not working class and no one has done anything

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. […] intuition was accurate that the #405ETL cater mostly to the wealthy.  4 out of 5 users have incomes above the median for Bothell and Snohomish Couny as reported in a […]


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