#405ETL Update: The Fight in Olympia Heats Up

You may have heard that the transportation committee chairs say they are withholding any bills related to the I-405 Toll Lanes from being heard as reported in this Seattle Times article and this Everett Herald article. We’ve heard it before. But when the people speak their voice loudly in unison, we can get change. We did it before and got the tolls partially eliminated.  We can do it once again.  In fact, many legislators want to eliminate the tolls, but they can’t unless the transportation chairs let it happen. That is where you come in.

It takes just one step on your part:  Call your 3 legislators and express that you want them to work to get the bill on the tolls to move forward.  Don’t have their phone numbers?  That’s easy.  Click here to find them.
Too busy to call?  Well a phone call carries much more impact, but you can also click that link to send them an email.  Trust me on this.  I’m working very hard on this, but like being in a football stadium, everyone needs to keep making noise for the entire game, not just the kickoff.  You already signed the petition, now keep the pressure on them or they will stop paying attention.  I need your help to make this happen.  Remember this:

Activism is the 4th branch of government.


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One comment on “#405ETL Update: The Fight in Olympia Heats Up
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