URGENT: Senate requests your input on bill to eliminate #405ETL by Wed Feb 15

Our persistence has paid off.  Now urgent action is needed.  In spite of all the roadblocks put before us, we have continued to inform the Senators and Representatives on the truths about the endless problems with Express Toll Lanes and the better alternatives available.  So far this session:

So take notice that at least some of our legislators are listening and are interested in doing what is right, what is the will of the people.  Now we have the hearing and it is essential that we show up and share with the committee our personal stories of how the Express Toll Lanes are hurting each of us.  What is the negative impact it is having to us, the citizens?

Speaking to the Senate 20170125.PNG

Board members of Eastside Transportation Association give testimony to Senate Transportation Committee

The hearing is Wednesday, Feb 15th at 3:30pm on the 1st floor of the John A. Cherberg Building.  (arrive by 3:00pm)  Make every effort you can to attend.  It is just a 65 mile drive from Bellevue.  We are working on organizing a convoy / carpools to start from the Bellevue Square Mall area around 12:30pm. Details to follow in a later post.  If you are interested or want to get involved in other ways, send an email to stop405tolls@outlook.com.  You can also watch for an event posting on our Facebook page.  Invite a friend to come along too.

Even if you can’t attend, you can give input.  Send an email to the legislative assistant for Senator Curtis King, Chair of the Transportation Committee.  Her email address is

Keep your message brief and direct.  Include the following information:

  • Bill number: SB 5707 – Toll Lanes
  • State you support the bill (very important to state this)
  • Give reasons why you support it.  Your personal story on how the tolls are negatively affecting YOU are always the most powerful.

As a group of over 32,000 people, we are making a difference.  Take 10 minutes to send them an email if you can’t attend in person.  Be sure to tell a friend too!

This is a slow process, but the team and I will not stop.  Most of us on the team have been working on this for well over a year.  We paid for everything from bumper stickers to the website and donated thousands of hours researching, planning, writing, waving the banner, talking to legislators and much more to support this cause.  We have deliberately avoided making any requests for donations. Everything on this project has come from our own pockets.  And even without donations, last year we got the tolls eliminated at night and on weekends and holidays.  We got the entry points widened and other changes as well. But our goal is to eliminate the tolls entirely and without a budget, we are finding it very limiting.  If the results of these efforts have saved you time in traffic or money in tolls, please consider contributing so we can do more.  We want to do things like buy more bumper stickers, boost visibility online, pay for the website, and cover many other expenses that the leadership team has been paying for out of our pocket.  We have a Donate button on the website if you wish to contribute.  Together we can make change happen.  I hope to see you in Olympia on Wednesday!

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4 comments on “URGENT: Senate requests your input on bill to eliminate #405ETL by Wed Feb 15
  1. bill popp says:

    Good! Anything in the bill you would like to modify?



  2. Barb says:

    I can’t attend, but I have just emailed my support of the bill and reasons why to Senator Curtis King. Thank you for letting us know about the bill, and let’s keep going until the tolls are completely eliminated!

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  3. Janet Nelson says:

    Is there where I inquire about noon carpool Wednesday to Olympia? Thx

    Sent from my iPad



  4. joshvanhulst says:

    I hope this stupid toll gets finally eliminated. What a waste of tax payer money to expand on it.


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