Are $30 Tolls in Seattle’s Future?

The Washington Post reported on the I-495 Toll Lanes in Virginia reaching $30.  As time marches on, if we rely on toll lanes to “manage congestion” ours will have the same result as every other highway with toll lanes.  Seattle, are you ready for $30 tolls?


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4 comments on “Are $30 Tolls in Seattle’s Future?
  1. nancy wagner says:

    Are we still sending 70% of the monies collected to a Texas for-profit company?



  2. davekalata says:

    That is crazy! It’s a money grab, pure and simple!


  3. TechDudes says:

    High occupancy vehicles will be so much more in demand when $30 is on our toll boards. We are going to hammer this behavior into Seattlites whether they like it or not. There is no more widening of highways, how do we continue to grow with the preponderance of drivers being solo and unwilling to pursue other options?


  4. Actually, studies have repeatedly demonstrated across the country that even $30 tolls do not reduce SOV ratios. In fact, multiple studies by transportation experts have found HOT lanes have reduce carpooling. The study done by Texas A&M even included SR167. If you are trying to wage a war on cars, don’t dedicate a lane to allowing them to beat congestion.


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