Urgent opportunity needs everyone to respond: Budget amendment Wednesday

Tomorrow, Wednesday 4/5/2017, There will be two budget amendments presented in the state legislature to stop the 405 toll lanes from continuing. One is immediate, the other is at the end of the two year trial which is this September. A vote to end the funding would stop the lanes and return us to 2+HOV and 4 GP lanes. Call immediately and let your legislators know how you feel – (800) 562-6000 gets to their voicemail!

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4 comments on “Urgent opportunity needs everyone to respond: Budget amendment Wednesday
  1. Jody says:

    What are the three topmost reasons you’ll present?


  2. Stephen Hubbard says:

    FYI: I emailed my 3 state reps expressing my opinion that I want to end tolling and toll lanes, and one of them replied with the following regarding today’s 2 budget amendments proposals.

    “It is technically correct that you could stop the 405 tolls (not the 167 tolls) for the next two years through the budget. There is no possibility that transportation leadership on either side would support those amendments, which would create a substantial hole in the budget. Those amendments are a political show that will allow some east-side legislators to show that they are opposing the tolls.”

    Thank you very much for all your great work on this.

    Stephen Hubbard (Seattle, WA)



  3. anon says:

    if I have to budget my financial situation and am able to do it; then I strongly believe the Governor, Legislators and every government official need to do the same. This state went from being one of the most livable to new an exploding real estate price that normal people can barely make the purchase. And if they think it is good for the state please check the foreclosures in Washington state.


  4. TechDudes says:

    What were the results of either ammendment


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