Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) plans to Toll all lanes of all freeways in WA

This is a video recording by a citizen who attended the Eastside Transportation Partnership (ETP) meeting last fall where Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) gave a presentation on their plans to implement tolls on all lanes of all freeways and a mileage fee.  Worth watching the full video to become informed on what is happening quietly in meetings that the public is generally not even made aware of.  See timestamp 3:15 and 13:20 in particular.  Be concerned.  Very concerned.  If you don’t want tolls everywhere, now is the time to speak up.  Tell all of your city council members.  Tell your 2 state representatives and your state senator.

If you are wondering who these agencies are, PSRC helps guide policy for the region. PSRC has NO members representing the eastside. They are all from west of Lake Washington.  ETP is a partnership of members from the city councils from eastern King County.

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5 comments on “Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) plans to Toll all lanes of all freeways in WA
  1. joshvanhulst says:

    Wow good reporting!! Thank you for the heads-up. We know what they are doing? They want to push all all automated/guided highway system for only cars that are park of the grid. They are using it under the guise to force drivers to move to all electric cars that have guided, headless cars that will be tracked.


  2. CC says:

    Doesn’t sound to fun…but how does this city grow over the next 25 years nearly doubling its population and not take billions of dollars to massively expand our roads or extract billions from us to drop solo drivers down to zero? The term ‘freeway’ is a dinosaur looking for extinction. Clearly people will be very critical when it comes to tolls and ST3, but what alternatives have you come up with to address what everyone agrees will be an impossibly growing congestion problem?


    • Riley says:

      If you have a growing population isn’t that was tax’s are for? Tolling is an incredibly unfair of taking money from people, as it doesn’t discriminate based on income, and is a flat rate for everyone. If we had a toll system that charged less for low-income and middle-class, and more for upper-class citizens that would be fine, however like sales tax it is the same price for everyone, which means it will hurt the middle and lower-income individuals more than the upper-class.


  3. austin farrell says:

    Tolling is fair because it only charges the users in accordance with their use If everyone pays the rates should go way down.- Assuming the application of the fees is limited to road maintenance and repairs and bond servicing related to that roadway. and all lanes pay the same rate.If you want income redistribution there are lots of other ways being advocated and tried. .


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