A collection of articles on the problems of #405ETL

Slide deck with many facts around the 405ETL: https://stop405tolls.org/2016/02/18/slide-presentation-to-transportation-committee/

Analysis of 2 person vs. 3+ person carpools: https://stop405tolls.org/2015/12/16/an-analysis-of-2-person-vs-3person-carpools-in-trip-reduction/
Proof the 405ETL is not the right solution: https://stop405tolls.org/2015/12/07/wsdot-ignores-their-own-recommendation-for-hov-follows-miamis-proven-failed-model/
Quick list of points: https://stop405tolls.org/2016/01/23/top-10-reasons-the-405etl-are-a-fail/
Texas A&M study on Impact of HOT lanes: https://stop405tolls.org/2016/01/13/texas-am-study-reveals-impact-of-hot-lanes-on-carpooling/
Why traffic is worse: https://stop405tolls.org/2015/12/27/wsdot-admits-weekends-are-worse/
Performance problems: https://stop405tolls.org/2015/12/21/propaganda-in-that-email-from-goodtogo/
Modeling 405ETL after other cities’ failures: https://stop405tolls.org/2015/12/09/express-toll-lanes-are-failing-in-atlanta-miami-others/

Problems with double-white lines: https://stop405tolls.org/2016/01/16/why-the-double-white-lines-fail/
Complexity of a toll lane: https://stop405tolls.org/2016/01/03/405etl-so-complex-you-need-a-website-to-explain-it/

Financials: https://stop405tolls.org/2016/02/09/supply-demand-no-surprise-405-toll-revenue-3x-expected/
Financials: https://stop405tolls.org/2015/12/23/your-interest-free-4-8m-loan-to-wsdot/
Where the money goes:  https://stop405tolls.org/2016/01/06/updated-analysis-of-anatomy-of-an-i-405-toll-where-your-money-goes/

Billing problems: https://stop405tolls.org/2015/12/02/recurring-problem-people-are-being-charged-even-when-they-dont-use-the-express-toll-lanes/
Billing problems: https://stop405tolls.org/2016/01/02/wsdot-found-to-wrongly-charge-226000-tolls-in-december/

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One comment on “A collection of articles on the problems of #405ETL
  1. Janet Nelson says:

    YOU are a patriot! : I am grateful for your efforts to stand up for our freedom from over governing! Thank you for all your investigations. Please do not give up! Hopefully, we will rise to helping you out. Very Sincerely, janet

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