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$64,000 stolen using GoodToGo Customers’ Credit Cards

Need another reason to dislike the toll system in Washington state?  How about customer service stealing your credit card number and using it to the tune of $64,000?  The crime was committed several years ago, yet the private company operating

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Slide Presentation to Transportation Committee

This is the slide deck used for our presentation to the House Transportation Committee. Not all of these slides were shown in the live presentation as a matter of time. Click here to get the text from the slides.

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WSTC to discuss toll rates on I-405, 520, Tacoma Narrows bridge

Washington State Transportation Commission is holding a meeting this week to discuss the tolls on I-405 and the operational changes requested by legislators to the WSDOT and WSTC. The meeting starts at 9 a.m. both Wednesday, Feb. 17, and Thursday,

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Supply & Demand: No surprise 405 toll revenue 3x expected

WSDOT has reported they failed once again in their estimation of the impacts of the tolls.  This time it was in how much revenue they would make.  They missed it by nearly 4x.  See their Q2 2016 financial report.  Then

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Important #405ETL events in the news

You don’t have to look far to find the I-405 Express Toll Lanes in the news lately.  A lot has been happening and we can’t cover it all. Here are some important articles to read: I-405 tolls aren’t providing relief

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