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“One way or another, we will force you to ride buses”

Seattle has changed the rules on new construction as reported on  You may have no place to park if you rent a new apartment in Seattle.  The intent is to drive people to living entirely by mass transit.  I’m

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Eastside Chambers of Commerce Hosts Discussion of Legislative Session Results in Bothell Thursday 4/26/2018

The East King County Chambers of Commerce Legislative Coalition is hosting their wrap-up of the results 2018 legislative session.  Our Eastside legislators will be present to discuss what laws and legislation occurred this session including what came in the area


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Snohomish County residents pay gas tax, tolls & ST taxes, but don’t see benefits

Yesterday the Everett Herald published this article on Snohomish County Council’s grilling of Sound Transit CEO about the delay in expanding rail to Everett.  ST claims it is due to less revenue collected from that area and money is spent

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Q13 News Report: Toll lanes to be extended to Renton

Q13 reported on WSDOT’s plans to extend the toll lanes from Bellevue to Renton.  They included an interview with David Hablewitz.    

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WSDOT Seeks Public Comment and Public Hearing on I-405 Toll Lanes Coming to Renton

WSDOT is taking public input on expansion of the toll lanes south of Bellevue.  They plan to eliminate the HOV lane and replace it with a toll lane and a second toll lane. Start here for a detailed explanation of

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$64,000 stolen using GoodToGo Customers’ Credit Cards

Need another reason to dislike the toll system in Washington state?  How about customer service stealing your credit card number and using it to the tune of $64,000?  The crime was committed several years ago, yet the private company operating

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WSTC to discuss toll rates on I-405, 520, Tacoma Narrows bridge

Washington State Transportation Commission is holding a meeting this week to discuss the tolls on I-405 and the operational changes requested by legislators to the WSDOT and WSTC. The meeting starts at 9 a.m. both Wednesday, Feb. 17, and Thursday,

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Important #405ETL events in the news

You don’t have to look far to find the I-405 Express Toll Lanes in the news lately.  A lot has been happening and we can’t cover it all. Here are some important articles to read: I-405 tolls aren’t providing relief

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